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Trees are all around us, offering benefits to the environment, providing us with oxygen, medicines and shade, and inspiring us with stories. Their value is not only monetary; it is social, emotional, and communal. Trees should be preserved and admired.

Trees, like people, should have an annual check-up to ensure their health, safety, and continued vigor. Promoting beautiful and healthy trees requires a specific plan, knowledgeable personnel and professional equipment. Tamke follows the tree and shrub care standards set by the American National Standards Institute.

Take a complimentary Guided Tour. We can walk the property together while discussing suggestions and general tips for maintaining beautiful trees and shrubs. This professional comprehensive analysis is offered at no charge.

Essential Maintenance

Emergency & Storm Damage

When emergency service is needed, call us any day or time. We will respond quickly with a well-trained, equipped and insured professional arborist.

A tree or limb can come down in the most inconvenient of places: across driveways, on houses, near power line; damaging cars, roofs, and other property.


Sometimes a tree must come down. We have qualified arborists on staff with the expertise to safely and efficiently cut a tree down. Our crews and equipment can handle trees of any size; near houses, walkways, and play-sets.


Pruning improves the way a tree looks, promotes proper growth and can improve the health of a tree. Reasons to prune include: providing more sunlight, allowing more room for a nearby tree, promoting more abundant flowers or fruit, and removing unsightly and dangerous branches. Certain cuts and specific techniques are used depending on the desired result.


Trees need to be fertilized. Just like humans, trees require micro and macro nutrients for good health. Whether you’re planting a delicate young sapling, or tending a 100-year old towering Oak, the health of a tree’s roots is of utmost concern for its future growth. Tree’s roots spread out in lawns, amongst other plants, under driveways, near patios, etc; creating a very stressful environment in which to live. Our RICH-ROOTS® pressure-injected fertilizer provides the essential nutrients and fractures the soil. This helps alleviate some of the stress caused by the urban environment and severe weather conditions.


Rejuvenix is a natural and essential mix of 21 amino acids used to enhance plant growth and improve resilience. It is an ideal treatment for trees/ornamentals under constant stress due to drought, fungus, insects, limb loss, soil compaction and more. These environmental factors are what inhibit your trees from reaching their optimimum health and beauty. Rejuvenix helps restore the natural balance of the forest in your own yard.

Root & Soil Treatments

It may be difficult to accurately diagnose a developing problem which is hidden underground in the roots system. We have the equipment and knowledge to safely view the root system without damaging the complex root structure and life support of the tree. Our AirSpade™ service can be especially useful in evaluating trees near business, play and parking areas.

Insect & Disease Management

Leaf Chewing Insects

We can help reduce the insect populations which eat leaves. Common leaf chewing insects, such as Gypsy Moth and Tent Caterpillars, can have a devastating affect on the foliage. With fewer leaves the tree’s ability to photosynthesize is diminished. The damage causes an unsightly appearance, as well as a stressed tree leaving it susceptible to other pests and disease problems.

Leaf Sucking Insects

Leaf sucking insect, such as mites, aphids and scale, create stress for the host plant. The stress affects the trees’ ability to maintain natural functions, such as manufacturing photosynthates (food), as well as H2O and nutrient transfer. Reduce the insect populations with and pest management program and reduce the stress. Your trees will be healthier and look better!


Tree fungus can range from mushroom-like growths on the trunk/stem to black spots on the leaves. Browning or yellowing leaves that droop or curl are common indicators of a fungus problem. Either way, a fungus problem is unsightly and causes early leaf drop. To manage fungus problems, we offer treatments which will help to eradicate existing fungus and reduce future fungus growth.

Emerald Ash Borers

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has killed over 50 million Ash trees despite quarantine efforts by regulatory agencies. The EAB has officially been identified in New Jersey, this insect poses a threat to our Ash trees. Be on the look out for signs of infestation: green metallic beetles, D-shaped exit holes in the bark and heavy woodpecker damage.

Treatments are necessary to help protect your Ash trees. We have EAB management plans in place and we are ready for the Emerald Ash Borer.

Tree Safety

Cabling and Bracing

Tree trunks and limbs can grow in all shapes, sizes and directions. Certain species have a greater tendency towards structural weakness which would benefit from a cable or brace. Ultimately, installing a brace or cable will increase the tree’s strength and longevity, as well as improving safety and value of the property around it.

Hazard Tree Analysis

We have a scientific method of identifying potential tree trunk failure using a tool called the Resistograph. This state-of-the-art tool helps assess if a tree has hollow sections creating a loss of strength. If so, it may be at risk of falling. This is especially important knowledge regarding larger trees within close proximity to a house or other property of value.

Lightning Systems

Thousands of trees are struck by lightning every year. Trees are at risk because they are usually the tallest object and their root structure makes them a natural lightning rod. If you have a valuable tree, the best precaution is to install a lightning rod system. They are extremely effective in protecting the health and value of your tree and property.

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