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Your shrubs are an extension of your home:

  • Hedges provide privacy and separation of landscaped area
  • Foundation plants soften sharp angles and hide the foundation material of the house
  • Island plantings add interest and allure
  • Feature ornamentals add showy seasonal attractiveness with flowers, brightly colored foliage, and fruit.

Landscaping is expensive and your investment needs to be protected. Our shrub care programs include fertilizer, trimming, and insect management which help to ensure the health and value of your shrubs. Ultimately, a well cared-for shrub is a beautiful shrub!

A Greener Approach

Plant Health Care Rx

Plant Health Care Rx – We offer a complete “prescription” program encompassing all our arboricultural services to promote maximum value and beauty to your landscape. PHC is a preventative approach, using limited pesticides based on each plant species and its susceptibility to pests and disease.

Holistic Therapy

PHC views each plant as a whole, taking into account its physical appearance, location, genetic tendencies, the season, the environment, etc. We consider these factors during treatment for disease. We use environmentally sensitive materials and limit the use of pesticides whenever possible.

Soil Injections

Injecting treatment directly into the soil allows for absorption by the root, similar to that of an oral medicine for a human. It can have a lasting and long term effect on a tree’s ability to combat insects and disease.


Essential nutrition can be maintained with fertilization. Small ornamental trees will look more lush and green with a Rich-Roots soil-injected fertilizer. Shrubs will benefit from a granular fertilizer twice a year to help promote healthy foliage and abundant flowers.

Insect & Disease Management

Leaf chewing insects

We can help manage the insect populations eating your shrubs. Common leaf chewing insects, such as Japanese Beetle and Black Vine Weevil, can have a devastating affect on the foliage. With fewer leaves, a shrub’s ability to photosynthesize is diminished. The damage causes an unsightly appearance, as well as a stressed plant, leaving it susceptible to other pests and diseases.

Leaf sucking insects

Leaf sucking insects, such as mites, aphids and lacebug, can cause stress to the host plant, making it more susceptible to disease and/or death.

Reduce the insect populations with an insect treatment program and reduce the stress. Your shrubs will be healthier and look better!




Fungus can range from mushroom-like growths on the stem to black spots on the leaves. Generally browning or yellowing leaves which droop or curl are an indication of a fungus problem. Either way, fungus is unsightly and stressing to the plant. To manage fungus problems, we offer preventative therapy treatments which will help the tree appear lush, green and healthy again

Nutrition & Maintenance


Proper nutrition is vital to a shrub’s health and appearance. Shrubs compete for nutrients with one another and with nearby trees and grass. Discolored or droopy leaves are often a visible sign of poor nutrition. It is best to provide shrubs with proper amounts of nutrition year-round. Our slow-release granular fertilizer is applied in the Spring and Fall each year for beautiful and healthy shrubs in all seasons.

Winter Protection

“Winter burn” occurs when frozen grounds and cold temperatures make it difficult for plants to absorb moisture through roots. As a result, the leaves may brown and fall off. Applying an Anti-Desiccant spray to broadleaf evergreens, such as Holly, Andromeda, and Rhododendrons, can greatly reduce winter injury and/or prevent the death of the plant.

Deer Management

Deer are causing extensive damage to home landscapes, gardens and farms. With the high population of deer in urban areas, your plants need to be protected.  We use an all-organic product consisting of 100% food grade quality ingredients. This product has a pleasant “mint” smell to humans; however, it is disliked by the deer. Applied once a month, the deer will learn to dislike your plants and eventually direct them away from your property.

Root & Soil Management

The nutrient composition of soil can be tested. If your shrubs are being fertilized, but still showing signs of poor nutrition, we can send a soil sample to the lab. We will provide you with a complete report, along with soil amendment recommendations for optimum plant health.

Poison Ivy

Protect your family from this noxious weed which causes people’s skin to develop a red, itchy rash and sometimes blisters. One Poison Ivy plant can cover up to one acre of property. Proper Poison Ivy Management requires a plan and involves a multiple-step approach. Our trained professionals can identify and treat the areas. Reduce the PI on your property and gain peace of mind for the comfort and safety of your family.

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