Tamke Community Outreach

Tour Des Trees

Since 1992, arborists and other tree-loving people have ridden in the annual Tour des Trees, organized by the International Society of Arboriculture.

The bicycling event raises public awareness and funds for urban forestry research. The bike ride usually covers 600 miles, ending at an ISA Conference and International Tree Climbing Championship. Private companies underwrite the cost of the trip, in addition to each rider raising at least $3,000 in pledges.

Each year, Dick Maloney, Tamke’s Vice President, rides in this special event. Contact Dick Maloney for more information at (800) 822-3537.

Tamke Arboretum

Tamke has helped to designed and develop an arboretum located in Pleasant Valley Park, Bernards Township, NJ. The arboretum is named “The Warren S. Tamke Arboretum” in honor of our company founder. It is a linear perimeter arboretum which wraps around the athletic and recreational facilities in the park. Thirteen plants were planted in memory of Tamke employee family members as part of the “Living Memorial Tree Program.” The plants are all native species to central NJ creating a place to go where native plant species can be identified and admired.

Southard Oak

In observance of Arbor Day 1995, Tamke adopted a historic white oak tree at Southard Park off North Maple Avenue in Basking Ridge, NJ. The 260+ year old tree is under Tamke’s perpetual care providing regular maintenance needs such as pruning and feeding . Visitors of Southard Park are invited to walk down the lane to view the historic white oak, a silent witness to the past.

Arbor Day – School Visits

Our sales representatives participate in community events in celebration of trees. These types of learning experiences are beneficial for our environment and to all those who participate. It is our goal to continue to share knowledge every year with all our customers, friends, and children in the community. We hope that by sharing our knowledge, the urban forests will be preserved for future generations.

Other Past Events Include:

The Watchung Junior Garden Club

We discussed proper planting and mulching techniques. The Junior Garden Club members assisted in the planting of several trees and they all left with a White Pine seedling to plant at home.

The Hebrew Academy in Randolph

We gave the “trees are like people” speech. Explaining that a tree has bark like our skin, branches like our arms, and roots like our feet is an effective way to teach young children to appreciate and respect trees as living things.

Saint Philips Academy in Newark

We assisted with a walk through the woods. The premise was to continue Arbor Day studies with a hands-on guided tour. The “woods” was a new experience for most of the children who attended. The concept of forest regeneration was discussed; and ticks, moss, and poison ivy were identified.

Cedar Hill School in Basking Ridge (Third Grade Building Fair)

We discussed arboriculture as a career. It was also an opportunity to share the importance of proper plant care. Various species of annual flowers were given to the children to plant at home.

Mendham Township Elementary School

We visited the kindergarten classes who were studying trees as part of their science curriculum. We brought samples of how plants smell, look and feel different. The children liked the hands-on approach from real “experts.”

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